Our Roof Trusses and Rafters are designed by computer analysis, in seconds, and fully supported by our Design Manuals which references critical design information in both the design and application of our Roof Trusses.

SFS International can supply a variety of Roof Truss styles, from basic Plate and Cee Trusses to the high performing TCord Truss Systems.

Roof Truss and Rafter Features:

  • Variety of styles and section sizes.
  • Variable Gauges between 0.55mm and 2.00mm.
  • Variable Steel Grades from G345mpa to G550mpa.
  • Designed through computer analysis.
  • Pre-Punched connection holes for fast and accurate connections. Screw or Bolt connections.
  • Inkjet printing.
  • Fully Processed “Smart Parts” for fast assembly.
  • From low cost basic System packages to high volume Industrial grade manufacturing Systems – The choice is yours.